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Maleku's Village
Maleku's Village
Constructed by the very same indigenuos, in the most Natural Stage, will show us all -resident and visitors- the cultural meaning of the real owners of our land and traditions!
Maleku's Village
Allow us to introducing you to a real World of mystic tradition and living nature in a unique experience.

During 2 hours we'll be the invited of an indigenous group called Malekus, who gives us a peace and harmony lesson through its dance and tradition.
This village has been built under the most authentic tradition: near the flowing river, in front of the sacred fire mountain ( the Arenal Volcano ) and according to the stars position.

Maybe that's why the site is mystical it self and gets full of positive energy as its habitants tell us their message of love.

At the end of the presentation we can share with the people of the village and even buy some of their art craft!!!
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You'll be able to talk to the members of the ancestral Maleku's tribe, and observe the typical buildings of this little but mystical town!!! Maleku's Village
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Maleku's Village Maleku's Village Maleku's Village
This Village will show us the cultural meaning of the real owners of our land and traditions!
Maleku's Village
Tour schedule
   8:00 a.m.
   4:00 p.m.

Adults: $24
Children: $16

• The Transportation is free if your pickup place is located within the Fortuna downtown.
* Previous reservation.
2 pax minimum.
La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
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